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One of our single hopped range of beers, brewed using Bravo hops from the USA. This beautiful pale blonde ale has a lovely aroma of gentle lemon zest. It is refreshing and citrusy in the mouth, with a medium bitter finish.

ABV 4.1



One of our range of single hopped beers, brewed only using Centenial hops. Described as: " Pale blonde with a citrus hop nose, bitter citrus hop taste and long dryish finish"

ABV 3.9


Session Pale Ale 12 - NEW

Another of our session beers this time brewed using Bravo, Chinook and Cascade hops. This is a straw coloured ale with a hop nose that carries hints of lemon and citrus. A good sharp citrus bitterness on he tongue and a lovely dry finish.
ABV 3.8



One of our range of single hopped beers brewed only using Motueka hops from New Zealand. Described as: "A blonde beer with a juicy, fruity hop aroma, a bitter taste and a hoppy fruity bitter finish"
ABV 3.9


The following beers are completely sold out ...

Diamond Dog - NEW

A special ale brewed in tribute to Ziggy. Described as: "Mid blonde in colour with an intense hop aroma from late use of Chinook hops. The taste is bitter, fruity and full bodied."
ABV 4.5

diamond dog

Pacific Cascade - NEW

This is zesty number is a dual hopped beer, using Pacific Gem hops for bittering, and Cascade hops for aroma. The resulting blonde ale has lemony hop notes in aroma, and a bitter full bodied taste that hints at lemon and berries. The finish is lovely long and bitter!

ABV 4.3

pacific cascade

Sorachi Ace

One of our single hopped range of beers. Described as: " Pale blonde with a fresh lemongrass aroma. The taste is bitter lemon hop with a bitter, lightly dry lemony finish. Brewed using only Sorachi Ace hops from Japan.

ABV 4.2



One of our range of single hopped beers, brewed only using Simcoe hops. Described as "Golden colour with a fruity lightly citrus hop nose, a bitter hoppy taste and a similar finish becoming slightly dry."

ABV 3.9


Chinook Summit - NEW

This is a dual hopped pale ale with a fresh light hop aroma from the use of Summit hops late in the brewing process.Chinook hops are used to provide a smooth hoppy bitterness and a long inense bitter finish.

ABV 4.1



A single hopped beer, brewed on using Columbus hops from the USA. Described as "Pale blond with a good hop aroma and a slightly spicey nose, the finish is strong and bitter."

ABV 3.8



One of our single hopped range of beers, brewed using Cascade hops from the USA. Described as "pale gold in colour, with a hoppy light citrus nose, a bitter citrus lemon taste and a tart citrus finish."

ABV 4.0


Lucky Number - NEW

We've brewed Gyle 888! This is a pale golden coloured ale with hints of lime and mandarin in the aroma from the use of Wai-ti hops from New Zealand. An easy drinker with medium bitterness and a zesty finish.

ABV 4.5


Bramling Cross

One of our range of single hopped beers brewed only using Bramling Cross hops from the UK.
Described as
"A golden colour witha light blackcurrent fruit nose from the use of Bramling Cross hops. A bitter fruity light blackcurrent taste and a fruity tarte finish"

ABV 3.7

bramling cross

Mild Thing

We love this one! It's a dark ale, with an off-white head. The aroma is of roast malts and light honey and vanilla from the use of Topaz hops, the bitterness is gentle with a full roasty taste.

ABV 3.6



Previously known as "Stella" then known as "Alias". A single hopped beer, brewed on using Stella/Ella hops from Australia. Described as "Very pale blonde with hoppy floral notes and a slight spiciness on the nose. The taste is bitter and hoppy with a bitter, slightly dry finish."
ABV 3.9


Hop Trip

A smooth pale ale brewed using Kohatu, Cascade and Chinook hops. The aroma is fruity, fresh and hoppy from late hopping with Chinook. The bitterness is dry and clean. A very refreshing session ale! 

ABV 4.2


Kiwi Classic

It's Back! Brewed using New Zealand hops. This is a blonde ale with a tropical fruit nose, with light citrus notes. The taste is dangerously moreish, being fruity with a short bitter finish. 

ABV 4.4



One of our range of single hopped beers, brewed only using Chinook hops. 
Described as "Golden colour with a light citrus hop nose, bitter lightly citrusy taste and a long bitter slightly dry finish. Brewed using only Chinook hops from the USA."

ABV 4.0


Nelson Sauvin

One of our single hopped range of beers, brewed using Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. Described as "a golden coloured ale, with a lovely citrusy grapefruit nose, a hoppy citrus taste followed by a similar finish."
ABV 3.8


Twin Peaks - NEW

A golden ale brewed using Mount Hood and Mount Rainier hops giving a light hop nose that provides hints of vanilla and honey. The taste and finish are medium bittered, making a dangerously quaffable beer!
ABV 4.3



Our multi-award winning single hopped beer! Described as: "A very pale ale, brewed using Citra hops. Amazing grapefruit and light mango nose, bitter hoppy citrus taste, with a bitter grapefruit and light passion fruit finish."
ABV 3.8


Mount Hood

A single hopped beer using only Mount Hood hops from the USA. Described as "pale blonde with spicy and vanilla hop notes, a very hoppy intense fruity bitterness and a long lasting bitter taste"
ABV 4.1



This is one of our favourites! Brewed using copious amounts of the 4 classic "C" hops. Described as "Pale blonde with grapefruit and tropical aroma, a bitter tart citrus zest taste and long citrus hop finish". A real indulgence!

ABV 3.7



One of our range of single hopped beers brewed only using Mosaic hops from the USA. Described as "Pale blonde with a spicy fresh nose, a bitter sharp grapefruit flavour, and a bitter intense finish."

ABV 4.0


Summit - NEW

This is a single hopped beer using only Summit hops from USA. It is pale gold and the aroma has a slight spiciness with light tangerine tones. It has a medium bitter tast and a lovely full bodied finish.

ABV 3.9


Simcoe Saaz - NEW

This is a golden ale with combined fruit and noble hop aromas. The Simcoe hops provide the main flavour profile of fruity bitterness, with a tasty fresh hop finish. Very quaffable!

ABV 3.8


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