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Brewing Photos

Friday 16th May 2008

Once fermentation had stopped and the beer cleared, we transferred it to our new sterilised barrels. This photo shows the process of hammering in the shives (hard work):

The next photo shows some of our first first brew beginning it's brewery conditioning:

Tuesday 13th May 2008

Our first Gyle is well under way and fermenting nicely in the back fermentation room. We've been keeping a regular check on temperature and gravity in order to determine the point at which we can barrel up.

The barrels started arriving yesterday, and a further 50 arrived this morning:

Brewery Installation Photos

Wednesday 7th May 2008

The first day of brewing coincided with a few final adjustments to the installation of the plant. Dave Porter and Glen arrived early to finish things off, but a few minor incidents (forgetting the sparge arm and some other items) meant that we didn't start brewing until 12.30pm.

First came the mashing in:

Here's some "mashed in" malt:

The wort was then boiled in the Copper with Perle hops and late hopped with Aurora (we forgot to photograph this)

And then ... fermentation:

Wednesday 30th April 2008

Second day of plant installation. The guys arrived at 11.30am and positioned the vessels. They then started the arduous task of cladding the hot liquor tank. Our electrician arrived later and the plant was officially wired up. Glen and Alex didn't leave until 8.15pm, and they'll be back tomorrow!

Cladding the hot liquor tank.

From left to right: the Copper, the Mash Tun and the Hot Liquor Tank.

Tuesday 29th April 2008

Installation day was very exciting! Unfortunately, the guys delivering the brewplant were delayed and so we had to wait until the evening for our shiny new installation to arrive. At 8.30pm Glen and Alex arrived with the van and the very heavy brewing vessels were unloaded.

This is the back wall of the brewery before the arrival of the vessels

The van with the brewplant finally arrives

Tara, our Brewster proudly showing off the Mash Tun and Copper

The plant has been positioned and is awaiting full installation