2008 Beers

#28 Station Best Bitter

"Pale gold colour. It has a nice fruity hop nose and a bitter hoppy taste, with a good citrus hop finish."
ABV 4.2

#27 Cleo's Asp

"A golden beer with a light Cascade hop nose. It has a good body and a hoppy, slightly fruity finish."
ABV 3.8

#26 K2

"Pale gold colour with a light malty and fruity hop nose. A bitterish taste and finish. A tasty session beer."
ABV 3.8

#25 Great Giza

"Straw coloured with a fruity aroma. A clean fruity yet hoppy taste with a medium bitter finish."
ABV 4.3

#24 Pennine Light Mild

"A light hoppy nose from the American Centennial hops used, a fruity hoppy taste, and a good bitterish finish. Very tasty for it's ABV."
ABV 3.4

#23 Let it Snow

"Straw colour with citric hop nose. Good balance of malt and hops, and a medium bitter finish."
ABV 4.7

#22 Matterhorn

"Very pale colour because of use of lager malt. Zesty lemony hop nose, hoppy bitter taste, and a dry bitter lightly citric finish."
ABV 4.4

#21 Chuffed

"Gold colour. Hoppy nose with a lightly fruity, lightly bitter taste. Longer bitterish finish."
ABV 4.3

#20 Hanging Gardens

"Pale colour, with a lightly hoppy nose. A bitter taste and a long bitter, slightly dry finish. With a good body."
ABV 3.9

#19 Medusa

"Pale gold colour, with a light floral hop aroma from Cascade hops. Lightly citrusy hop taste with a medium bitter long hoppy finish"
ABV 4.3

#18 Sugarloaf

"Golden coloured with a citrus hop aroma. Lightly bitter in taste and finish with lingering light citrus fruitiness"
ABV 4.6

#17 Fawkes

"Pale in colour with a fruity, lightly earthy nose. A fruity bitter taste and a long finish. Brewed with all First Gold hops"
ABV 4.5

#16 Stadium Bitter

"Straw Coloured with a clean bitter taste and dry fruity finish."
ABV 3.8

#15 Witch Beer

"Light hoppy nose, well balanced body, lightly bitter taste, bitterish gentle fruity finish"
ABV 4.2

#14 Conkered

"Rich gold colour, fruity hop aroma, good mouth feel, lightly malty and fruity, hoppy fruity finish"
ABV 4.2

#13 Town Pride

"Aromatic hop nose. Bitter hoppy taste and finish. Very tasty for the ABV"
ABV 3.8

#12 Mild Thing

"Dark Mild, light roasted malt aroma, roasted toasty malt with very slight coffee grinds in the mouth with a lightly bitter finish"
ABV 3.2

#11 Tafelberg

"A pale beer with a pleasant hoppy aroma, lightly bitter taste and dry finish"
ABV 4.5

#10 Gold Britannia

A beer celebrating British olympic success which could be described as "A very pale, bitter taste with a dry finish and a hoppy nose."
ABV 4.2

#9 Hazy Fantazee

A special wheat beer which could be described as "A slightly cloudy refreshing, aromatic wheat beer."
ABV 3.8

#8 Bei-Jinger

A special Olympic beer which could be described as "Pale with a hoppy gingery nose, a refreshing ginger tang and a bitter finish."
ABV 4.4

#7 Uluru

"Amber coloured, traditional malty hoppy taste with a bitter finish."
ABV 4.2

#6 Headingley Long Hop

"Pale straw colour, a hoppy nose, a bitter citrus fruit taste with a hoppy bitter long finish."
ABV 3.9

#5 Cruel Summer

"Pale, with a hoppy nose, bitter taste and finish."
ABV 4.2

#4 El Capitan

"Golden with a lightly hoppy nose, refreshing citrus hops and a pleasantly bitter finish."
ABV 4.8

#3 Lindley Loc-Ale

"Pale brown, a light fruity malty nutty nose, with a matching body. A slightly nutty bitter finish."
ABV 4.2

#2 Wildcard

"Amber coloured, malty and well balanced with a bitter taste and finish."
ABV 4.4

#1 At Long Last ...

"Golden in colour with a lightly hoppy nose. A bitter taste with a dry finish."
ABV 4.1